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Just $20 can provide a person with clean drinking water. 100% funds water projects for people in need.

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The importance of clean drinking water cannot be overemphasized especially in poor developing countries. Based on this fact, Lamont Dottin Foundation is committed in making sure that clean drinking water is accessible to rural communities in parts of the sub-Sahara regions of Africa. Please join us. We can make a reality for some of these folks.

The implications of lack of clean water and access to adequate sanitation are widespread. Young children die from dehydration and malnutrition, results of suffering from diarrheal illnesses that could be prevented by clean water and good hygiene. Diseases such as cholera are spread rampantly during the wet season. Women and young girls, who are the major role-players in accessing and carrying water, are prevented from doing income-generating work or attending school, as the majority of their day is often spent walking miles for their daily water needs. They are also at an increased risk for violence since they travel such great distances from their villages on a daily basis, and are even at risk when they must go to the edge of the village to find a private place to relieve themselves.

Urban areas face a whole different host of challenges to providing clean water and sanitation. Rapid growth of urban areas, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, has lead to large volumes of water being extracted from existing sources. The influx of water, in addition to the influx in human waste, has outpaced the development of wastewater management systems, which has lead to pollution of natural water bodies, unintentional use of wastewater in irrigated agriculture, irregular water supply, and environmental concerns for aquatic life due to the high concentration of pollutants flowing into water bodies. To join or contribute, please click on the adjacent “Join” or “Donate” button. See you at the other side and thanks for joining.

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