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Let’s Change the Current Law On Missing Persons. Here’s Why.

The Reason:

La Mont D. Dottin was a freshman at Queens College when he disappeared Oct. 18, 1995 after leaving his grandmother’s Hollis home to mail a package to his mother, Arnita Fowler, in California. Ms. Fowler returned immediately to New York and tried in vain to report her son missing but, due to police rules at the time, she was not able to do so. It wasn’t until November 13, 1995, that La Mont had been missing long enough for police to consider him a missing person.

To Change the current Law as it stands today…

We are working for a pro-active, coordinated response, planned in advance, for missing cases. Our plan calls for prompt and uniform standards for searching for missing persons.

In consultation with the division of state police and other appropriate agencies, the division shall, on or before January first, two thousand fifteen, adopt and implement and thereafter regularly update a uniform plan for searching for missing persons. Such plan that is triggered immediately upon confirmation by a police officer, peace officer or police agency of a report of a missing person.

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