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South Africa produces enough food to feed it’s population yet 20% of South Africans are food insecure. FoodBank rescues food destined for landfill from food suppliers, supplements it with staple foods and distributes nutritional meals to 1,700 community.

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Well, take a moment and think about this. In the United States, we not only produce an abundance of food, we waste an enormous amount of it. More than one quarter of America’s food, or about 96 billion pounds of food a year, goes to waste—in fields, commercial kitchens, manufacturing plants, markets, schools, and restaurants. While not all of this excess food is edible, much of it is and could be going to those who need it.

Food waste is not only unfortunate in terms of the lost opportunity to feed hungry Americans but also in terms of the negative effects on our environment. The nation spends an estimated $1 billion a year to dispose of excess food. That is a waste of both food and money.

Lamont Dottin Foundation has an overwelming passion to divert much of these wasted food to places that need them. And that’s excatly what we are doing with our generous partners. Do not hesitate to help us make a difference to those in need. Let’s feed the hungry amongst us. Let’s get it done today. Make your donation today!

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