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Education provides children with opportunities to escape poverty, gain a voice in their community and experience a better quality of life. But worldwide, more than 120 million children are unable to attend school.

Here’s List of Our Fundraising Items. Can You Chip In?

The main education goals at the Lamont Dottini Foundation sponsored schools are to ensure that all students can read and write and do basic mathematical calculations. They are also taught to preserve their ethnic traditions and culture, and the use of natural resources wisely in order to protect their environment. Education, at the very least, is at the heart of Lamont Dottin Foundation core principles and belief system.

These schools are very simple structures built from local materials with support from the community. The students also do most of the chores in these local schools. They clean the school every morning before classes begin and at the end of every day. They also take turn in cooking and serving lunch, etc.

Please do not hesitate to become part of this organization. There’s a lot of work to be done for these children both here and abroad. Make your donation today!

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T-Shirt, Wristband, & Hat
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