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Current Sept walk of hope 4

The WALK-OF-HOPE is a peaceful walk to commemorate the home going of my son Lamont, Sept 20, 1999, and to give families of missing persons hope and encouragement to never give up while confirming, they are not alone and their love ones are not forgotten.

During my four years of searching for my son, Lamont, the NOT KNOWING made my agonizing days intolerable. The pain and suffering when a person goes missing is unbearable and not knowing is infinite and incalculable. But GOD is a keeper. Every day, I rose looking to HIM for renewed strength and every day, for four years, HE answered. My faith and hope in HIM kept me when, “ I did not know” and when “my days turned into month and years”. HE, GOD is still a keeper and your participation will help to infuse that same FAITH and HOPE to the families of missing loved ones.

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