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Board Member
La-Crecia Fowler
Board Member

As a board member La-Crecia Fowler acts as a trustees on behalf of the organization’s constituents.

This includes service recipients, funders, members, the government, and taxpayers. Part of the basic responsibilities of Ms Fowler includes:

  • Helping to determine the organization’s mission and purpose
  • Supporting and evaluating the chief executive with the goals of the organization in mind
  • Ensuring effective organizational planning
  • Determining which of the organization’s programs are consistent with its mission and monitoring the effectiveness of these programs
  • Securing adequate financial resources for the organization to fulfill its mission
  • Assisting in the development of the organization’s annual budget and ensuring that proper financial controls are in place
  • Defining prerequisites for potential new board members, orienting these new members, and periodically evaluating performance
  • Adhering to legal and ethical standards and norms
  • Clearly defining and articulating the organization’s mission, accomplishments and goals to gain support from the community and enhancing the organization’s public image

Overall, as a board member, Ms. Fowler has a duty of loyalty to the organization, its staff and other board members. While differences of opinion will likely arise, board members generally keep disagreements impersonal. By practicing discretion and accepting decisions made on a majority basis, the board accomplishes unity and confidence in its decisions.

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