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Here’s the Central Tenet of LaMont Dottin Foundation – Our Driving Force.

We are working for a pro-active, coordinated response, planned in advance, for missing cases. Our plan calls for prompt and uniform standards for searching for missing persons.

In consultation with the division of state police and other appropriate agencies, the division shall, on or before January first, two thousand fifteen, adopt and implement and thereafter regularly update a uniform plan for searching for missing persons. Such plan that is triggered immediately upon confirmation by a police officer, peace officer or police agency of a report of a missing person.

Our plans at the minimum, require that:

  1. the name of the missing person, a description of the person and other pertinent information be immediately dispatched over the police communication system to local, state and national agencies; and..
  2. there shall be no presumption that persons between the ages of nineteen and sixty-four are not missing.

Police agencies not connected with the basic police communication system in use in such jurisdiction shall transmit such information to the nearest or most convenient teletypewriter point, from which point it shall be immediately dispatched, in conformity with the orders, rules or regulations governing the system.

No dispatch or transmission of a report concerning missing persons shall be required by such plan if the investigating police department determines that the release of such information would jeopardize the investigation or the safety of the person, or otherwise requests forbearance. Join us in this fight.

See Bill A08961 for details.

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